Mrs Best obtained her BSc (Hons) in Optometry in 1982 (Glasgow). She then undertook research in visual screening of children whilst working in an independent practice in Inverness that liased closely with the local hospital. The opportunity to manage a practice in Newbury for a family-run multiple then afforded Mrs Best the chance to expand her skills in children’s eye care/orthoptics and low-vision with Berkshire Eyes Service.
She undertook specialist training in contact-lenses in London obtaining a Diploma in Contact Lens Practice (DCLP) in 1987 whilst teaching part-time at the London Institute of Optometry. This led to a Research Consultancy in Contact Lenses with Allergan-Hydron.
Following a maternity break nurturing three daughters, Mrs Best established her independent practice in Juniper Green, Edinburgh in 1999. Involvement in shared – care schemes in conjunction with the Eye Pavillon facilitated a more in depth understanding of the detection and management of diabetes, cataract, low-vision, and children’s eye care. The latest NICE guidelines on Glaucoma, together with latest diagnostic instruments such as OCT, has allowed Mrs Best to consolidate the skills required in detecting chronic eye disease. Being based in a community has allowed monitoring of a variety of ocular conditions
After 20 years of caring for the eyes of multi-generational families, Mrs Best has refined her ability to assess changes in spectacle correction and to detect and monitor eye disease. This is invaluable for the early detection of potentially sight-threatening conditions such as Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment and Macular Degeneration.


Other Opticians struggled to give me good sight with contact lenses. Margaret Best managed it with such attention to detail.


Always knowledgeable, personal service. Been coming here for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my eye-care.


What a wonderful experience – service and enthusiasm simply fabulous – can’t wait for my next eye test.